Meet KPink

Hi everyone,

Here's a little introduction into the world of KPink. I am always asked what KPink stands for and the story has a lovely tale. Whilst on a Hen Night for a friend, who has the same name, whenever someone shouted Kelly we both answered. Many cocktails later they named her Kelly Bride and me Kelly Pink after my pink hair. The name stuck like glue and many people now don't know me by any other name lol. KPink HQ is above my Dad's engraving shop in Manchester that's been there over 30 years!! My work room is VERY pink as I'm sure you can imagine and consists of just little old me with Mr Pink (Chris) popping in at weekends to help out.

I am known for always wanting something nobody else has. In other words I LOVE bespoke items. I love being able to create personalised jute bags to represent the holder. I've made 1000's of bags and no 2 are the same! KPink jute bags are glitzier than many others with tonnes of diamantes and gorgeous colourful ribbons on the handles. You can always spot a KPink when your out and about as there is always a bow in the bottom left hand corner. Have you seen one?

In the summer of 2013 I expanded the KPink range into sublimated items such as Mugs, Phone cases, cushions etc and KPink became a registered Trademark. Now I'm able to create bespoke items for the home that are unlike anything you'll find anywhere else. I take your most precious photographs and turn them into works of art you can display proudly in your home. This year I've revamped KPink jute bags to make them even more sparkly and noticable than they were before by adding backgrounds and I look forward to adding more to the range as the year goes on.

Take a peak around my website at some of the unusual items I make and I look forward to creating a work of art for you in the future.

Love & sparkle

Kelly Pink xxx


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